CJL Sports 109 East Second Street, Waverly, Ohio 45690, 740-947-5294


1984 - The birth of CJL Sports
We start CJL Sports with a goal to
provide the youth of Pike County with
quality products with fair pricing.

1989 - After 5 years of contracting out our
screen printing we purchased our own
screen printing equipment and started
providing our customers with quality
screen printing.

1991 - The purchase of our first computer for
doing our graphic art for our screen
printing department.

1994 - We out grew our store front on 111 North
High Steet, Waverly, Ohio and moved to
our present location 109 East Second Street,
Waverly, Ohio. Providing us with over
four times the old space.

1996 - Became involved at a national level in
the screen printing industry by working
as an advisor at trade shows and working
with other shop owners.

1999 - Expanded the screen printing shop by builting
a new building to house the operation.

2000 - Purchased additional screen printing equipment
to meet the demand of our customers.

2001 - Went on line with our web site.
The purpose for the web site is to
provide the comunnity with a location
to keep track of all of the sporting
event in the Pike County Area. We rely
on the input from the community to
provide information that is happening.

2002 - Started providing vinyl graphic to our customer.

2004 - Purchased our first embroidery machine.
We are now doing in house embroidery.

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